We have the Creative Tech.

The Antipodean connects you with the best and brightest creators and builders

If it's on social media, web, a game platform, OOH, or pops up anywhere we have you covered. The Antipodean has a roster of studios, and a network of specialists in virtual fashion, AI music, live-streaming, fabrication, holograms... and everything in-between.

We'll always say yes to troubleshooting, ballparking, and brainstorming
  • augmented reality (AR)
  • "the metaverse" and web3
  • virtual reality (VR)
  • experiential production
  • artificial intelligence (AI)
  • digital design and development
  • content creation
  • animation

A Creative Tech Past, Present, and Future

The Antipodean was founded in 2016 by Michelle Excell. Her "digital" career began in 2002 at a boutique digital agency in Auckland, New Zealand. Servicing some of the biggest brands in NZ and creating highly dynamic and interactive websites, digital installations, and building online communities.

For the next 14 years Michelle led digital experience strategy and production for digital and traditional agencies in Australia and the USA. The Antipodean helps agencies and brands connect with the most exceptional creative tech talent and create immersive, award-winning and high-return campaigns, installations, and content. They also help in-house agencies augment their teams with digital expertise.

When we launched The Antipodean we were so thrilled to represent the incredible talent at The Electric Factory who we had been working with for years and who made this dream a reality!

In addition to production, The Antipodean spreads love for creative and immersive technology at industry events around the globe. Highlights include a workshop on AR at TED Women, a masterclass on XR for agencies at Spikes Asia, and bespoke engagements with Swisscom, Isuzu, Logitech and Clorox.

In 2019 Michelle co-founded Voiijer. Working with top scientists, explorers and adventures to connect their stories to the world. Voiijer has a very rich creative tech roadmap, with augmented reality and web3 built into its DNA.