Mountain Dew Animation for 'Kentucky Bottled'

Mountain Dew Animation for 'Kentucky Bottled'

Electric Studios managed the creative process from storyboard and animatics, to pencil-marking keyframes, illustration, line polishing, coloring, finishing, and final rendering. 3D animation was implemented in some of the scenes to create, animate, and then trace the visuals by hand to achieve the final look with cel animation.

Electric Studios combines 2D & 3D in order to create the perfect cel animation to tell Mountain Dew's story

Electric Studios convey the energy of Mountain Dew bringing postcards of the city where the drink was born to life in cel animation.

The campaign leans into the rich history of Mountain Dew with 'Kentucky Bottled'

Mountain Dew Makes Its Messaging More Personal

Creating a national campaign that’s customized by state also enables Mtn Dew to make its messaging more personal, something marketers recognize the need for but often struggle to execute at scale. Mountain Dew is relying heavily on digital tech to enable the customized elements of the campaign, which could help it engage younger consumers at a time when soft drink companies have struggled to lure millennials and Gen Zers as they opt for healthier drinks. The unique 15-second digital ads for every state feature animations to bring the artwork from each label to life.