Children’s Hospital Los Angeles & Snap

Children’s Hospital Los Angeles & Snap

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We created an AR experience for Snap's Camera Kit in collaboration with Snap and the Children's Hospital of Los Angeles that leverages world understanding to create an immersive experience that promotes mobility post surgery. Kids can follow butterflies, grow plants and play with different animals and objects around their rooms to increase their activity and help them with their recovery. We used LiDAR technology to differentiate between surfaces and create unique visual elements for each of them.

Augmented recovery in a safe environment

Movement is a key part of a speedy post-surgery recovery for children. It’s just as important for them to be able to move around in a safe environment.

That’s why we developed a Voxel analysis tool capable of mapping out their surroundings and identifying safe areas for them to interact with augmented reality. It detects obstacles, such as windows and doors.

A story that evolves with them

The premise is based on the butterfly featured in the hospital’s logo, which serves as a metaphor for recovery. It will take users on a journey and transition from silkworm to its final form, as children make progress in their mobility. The look and feel will be reminiscent of a child’s scribbles and paper crafts for a more endearing appeal.

We also created an algorithm that identifies different types of surfaces. It then calculates their position and rotation within the space. This allows us to assign different interactions to walls, floors, and ceilings. Thanks to this development, we were able to come up with a system that rewards children for their efforts and encourages them to move forward, so they can discover new elements.