Stay Up-To-Date: What & Who to Follow

Stay Up-To-Date: What & Who to Follow

Here at The Antipodean we want to share the love, so will always share our sources of inspiration. We create regular thought-leadership, and follow a range of experienced and opinionated folks who regularly share their thoughts.


We're LinkedIn fans, but most people will post on multiple channels. These link to Activity: Posts for each person so you can check out what they post to see if you want to follow them. Thanks to Jessica and Danny from the Metaverse Session II for additional contributions to this list.

Webb Wright's weekly newsletter for The Drum is great: latest episode here > subscribe!

"The Fucking Metaverse" podcast by the creators of Bored Ape Yacht Club

Discord channels for DCL, Sandbox, Lamina1

For marketing folks: Jump News (

Michelle Excell - definitely follow me, and let's connect if there's opportunities

Theo Priestley posts about Web3 and transparent af / lots of opinions

Cathy Hackl posts about metaverse, fashion/entertainment, author, hosts podcasts

Tom Emrich works for 8th Wall (now Niantic) and posts about AR + metaverse

Dan Burgar posts about VR/AR/metaverse and the startup ecosystem + events

Galit Ariel is passionate about equity and lack of evil in future tech, AI, AR

Tom Ffiske posts about metaverse and immersive (brand) projects + news

Read Casie Millhouse's original posts and articles or play golf with her in VR

Brielle Garcia makes a lot of prototypes in 3D for games, VFX and AR

Marco Delvai posts about AR and virtual try-on

David Taing posts mostly about Web3 gaming and projects

Lindsey McInerney posts about web#, metaverse industry for brands

Saskia Fairfull posts about fashion and co-hosts the Metarial Podcast

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