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Links to the latest and greatest LIVE AR Demos in all one place!

GDC | 2023 Recap

GDC is a conceptual adrenaline shot for consumer marketing. Find out what Michelle got excited about.

Netflix | The Sandman Lullabies: AI-Powered Dreaming

Netflix's The Sandman becomes the first ever TV series to engage its fans while they were asleep delivering 60,000 nights of blissful dreaming.

Beyond 2D: A Love Affair with Volumetric Video

As featured in LBB's 'Production Power Moves of 2022'. Michelle Excell talks about the immersive and enthralling power of volumetric video.

Stay Up-To-Date: What & Who to Follow

Follow Michelle to see how immersive and creative tech CREATORS are showing the true potential and wonder of this incredible breakthrough technology.

Make the Metaverse Work For You: Event Series

We just wrapped a three-part series of talks and panels on The Metaverse for the American Marketing Association, San Francisco.