The Antipodean for AMA SF: Metaverse Series

The Antipodean for AMA SF: Metaverse Series

The internet is getting more collaborative, more three dimensional, and the definition of ownership and commerce is changing. The Antipodean is helping brands and agencies navigate the opportunities created by this evolution. The era of the metaverse.

Session 1: Explore the Metaverse

You have to be in it, to get it. In this first session we explore the overnight success of the metaverse and learn that not only has it been around for a while, but it's not going anywhere. It is in its infancy, but we are entering a new era of the internet.

People behave differently online than in real life. You need to understand the behaviours:  jump in, observe, ask questions.
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Session 2:

In Session 2, Michelle is joined by a panel of guests. These are the folks helping brands navigate, ideate, design and build. They are also - importantly -not only figuring out how to sell it in, but also how to measure success. And then build long term roadmaps for their clients, and their own agencies. 

  • Jessica Berger, VP of Innovation at Publicis Media
  • Danny Paul, Executive Creative Director at The Electric Factory
  • Vanessa Scanlan, EP at DeustchLA
Watch on-demand on the AMA Blog here >

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