Make the Metaverse Work For You: Event Series

Make the Metaverse Work For You: Event Series

The internet is getting more collaborative, more three dimensional, and the definition of ownership and commerce is changing. The Antipodean is helping brands and agencies navigate the opportunities created by this evolution with a custom series: Make the Metaverse* Work For You. With vital programming, and expert panelists.

Or what we called The Spatial Web (see Session 1, below) until someone decided to hijack the term ;)

Finding Your Audience in the Metaverse (Session 3)

The metaverse means many things to many people, and while some communities or platforms may be niche, others are in the hundreds of millions. In this session we spoke with industry experts about the various platforms and communities that make up the metaverse. Who is there, what are their characteristics and behaviors?

We also discussed best practices for reaching and engaging with any audience, anywhere, and how those best practices should carry through in game, immersive and web3 worlds. How do you show up authentically, respectfully, accessibly? How do you add your voice, your presence in a positive way and how does that complement your web2 presence?

People behave differently online than in real life. You need to understand the behaviours:  jump in, observe, ask questions.

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We were honored to have panelists with backgrounds in user experience design, community building, immersive technology and who look at the metaverse through a lens of inclusion, accessibility, and impact:

  • Ariba Jahan (she/her), VP of Product Experience and Innovation at the Ad Council
  • Nirmala Shome, Head of Community, The Fabricant
  • Jake Steinerman, Head of Community, Spatial

More on our panelists, their platforms and projects here

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Session 2: How Brands are Making It Happen in the Metaverse

In Session 2, Michelle was joined by a panel of folks helping brands navigate, ideate, design and build. They are also - importantly - figuring out how to sell it in, and also how to measure success. They then build long term roadmaps for their clients, and their own agencies. 

  • Jessica Berger, VP of Innovation at Publicis Media
  • Danny Paul, Executive Creative Director at The Electric Factory
  • Vanessa Scanlan, EP at DeustchLA
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Session 1: Explore the Metaverse

You have to be in it, to get it. In this first session we explore the overnight success of the metaverse and learn that not only has it been around for a while, but it's not going anywhere. It is in its infancy, but we are entering a new era of the internet. (AMA) San Francisco Chapter presents the first in a series of "Metaverse for marketers (and creatives)", packing hundreds of hours into an initial 90 minutes.

This isn’t just “what is it?”, it is the building blocks for your own roadmap and briefs.

We understand that you need informed opinions, and the confidence to make moves. The Antipodean want to help inspire you by helping you understand BEHAVIOUR over statistics. Our goal is to prompt you to form OPINIONS and set INTENTIONS. Our first session was fun and brutally honest; Just like Michelle. We hope you left this first session even one tenth as optimistic as we did.

In our first session, we addressed:

  • The headlines
  • Myths and misconceptions
  • Definitions
  • The landscape
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We also helped determine:

  • Where you could play
  • How to measure ROI
  • How to Build literacy
  • Tactics for upskilling
  • How to stay informed and build a discipline
Click here for Session 1 Presentation Deck and Resources.

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