Corona Extra O'Tannenpalm Tree Lot AR Experience

Corona Extra O'Tannenpalm Tree Lot AR Experience

The Antipodean connected augmented reality experts Rock Paper Reality to agency MullenLowe to produce this campaign. Time was of the essence with a locked-in media plan and short campaign run for the holiday period. WebAR was selected, supported by 8th Wall (now owned by Niantic), for maximum audience reach and no app-downloaded needed. The production was highly collaborative, with MullenLowe Director of Creative Technology Martin Pagh Ludvigsen working directly with RPR's team to ensure the agency could create ads from completed 3D assets while development continued. One of the many pros of augmented reality experiences is the flexibility of 3D assets across the whole media plan. Read about it in AdWeek.

The Project

This holiday season, Corona Extra is bringing Feliz Navidad festivities directly to consumers in augmented reality with the O’Tannenpalm’s Tree Lot. The immersive and interactive experience transports fans into a Corona-themed winter wonderland full of surprising and delightful interactive experiences, helping infuse their homes with “La Vida Más Fina” all season long.

Corona turns iconic holiday ad into virtual Tannenpalm Tree Lot

Corona Extra is bringing its 30-year-old holiday ad to life in the form of a virtual Christmas tree lot using augmented reality.

The experience pays homage to the iconic fan favorite Corona Extra “O’Tannenpalm” commercial, which has run each year during the holiday season since its debut in 1990. Like the ad, the virtual experience puts a refreshing spin on the classic holiday tradition.

At the virtual O’Tannenpalm’s Tree Lot fans can explore and interact with a variety of exciting holiday elements, including a surprise grand finale activated by introducing a real bottle of Corona to the scene. In addition to all the festive music, lights, snow and, of course, limes, fans can place a virtual holiday palm in their own space and then enter to win the real 10-inch decorated mini-tree, delivered directly to their home via Instant Win Game/Sweepstakes. Consumers can also visit the gift shop and purchase Feliz Navidad merch directly from the O’Tannenpalm Tree Lot.

With this promotion, Corona beautifully executes two key trends this holiday season; nostalgia and virtual experiences

Corona’s Tannenpalm Tree Lot virtual experience takes its inspiration from the classic commercial in which a palm tree lights up for the holidays as a person whistles “Oh Tannenbaum” in the background. It is considered one of the more memorable holiday-themed commercials. Muse by Clio once called the ad, “perhaps the simplest distillation of a brand within a holiday context ever produced.”