An Augmented Reality Filter for HBO's Game of Thrones

By partnering with Mercado Libre and Electric Factory, we added a QR Code to every package they delivered to launch an augmented reality filter that allowed users to make a dragon appear anywhere they wanted. Dracarys!

The Antipodean for AMA SF: Metaverse Series

The Antipodean is currently hosting a series of talks and panels on The Metaverse for the American Marketing Association, San Francisco.

Taco Bell Metaverse Wedding

Modern love: Taco Bell hosts a wedding in the metaverse

Netflix: The Gray Man Metaverse Experience

Custom experience in Decentraland. Creative, Strategy, Game Design & Development, Wearables & NFTs.

Snapple Elements Blockchain Bodega in Decentraland

The Snapple Elements Blockchain Bodega leads its users to a multidimensional path that involves fortune telling, a three eyed mystic cat and unique wearable NFTs on an oddly familiar, fully detailed interactive scenario.